Supervised Visitation

Supervised Visitation allows the other parent to visit with his or her children, but requires another adult to supervise all visits. Supervision can be provided by a friend or family member, or by a professional agency that will provide the service for a fee. Call your local domestic violence shelter or other advocacy group to … Read more >

Visitation for Incarcerated Parents

The Office of the Attorney General is not authorized to handle custody or visitation disputes. After incarceration, the Access and Visitation Hotline can provide parenting time (visitation) resources that may help you reunite and resume parenting time with your children. The hotline number is 1 (866) 292-4636 and is answered in English and Spanish, Monday … Read more >

Warm-up visitation

Warm-up visitation plans are used to help children get to know or become reacquainted with a parent they may not have seen for a long time. Warm-up time may be supervised by a close relative or friend that the child knows well and can turn to for encouragement. Supervised visitation centers also may provide this … Read more >