Can the court give me the right to visit my grandchild?

The easiest way to visit with your grandchild is to establish or maintain positive relations with the child’s parents. Only one parent has to give permission, as long as you are visiting the child during that parent’s period of possession. Under some circumstances, grandparents can obtain a court order granting them the right to visit … Read more >

I am a grandparent being denied access to my grandchild. What can I do?

Sometimes, after parents separate, other family members miss seeing the child who has gone to live with only one parent. Grandparents have limited rights and non-relatives have even fewer. Maintaining a positive relationship with the parent of the child is one way to continue to see the child. Before you contact the parents, think about … Read more >

I am concerned about the safety of my grandchild.

If you think the child is in serious and immediate danger by continuing to live with a parent (or parents), call 9-1-1 in the case of an emergency. Call Child Protective Services at 1 (800)-252-5400 if you believe the child is being abused or neglected. You may also be able to get emergency relief in … Read more >